Portable Lectern range by Blue Gum Joinery

Portable lecterns come in various different shapes and configurations, some being more portable than others. When trying to decide what style of portable lectern you require its worth considering the following:

- Will the lectern need to be able to be partially disassembled for storage or for transport in the boot of a car for example? These portable lectern designs are usually of a thin simple profile.

Examples of Portable lecterns that are suited to quick assembly and disassembly.

Tutor Portable Lectern
Lecturer Portable Lecterns
BGL-PS60 Portable Lectern

- Will you need to store items such as papers or AV equipment, perhaps behind a lockable door or on a shelf? Because this style of portable lectern is usually larger in size, it is more suited to having wheels allowing it to be portable, from room to room for example.

Examples of Portable lectern designs that are suited to storing items.

BGL-SBM-1 Portable Lectern
BGL-PS25 Portable Lecterns
BGL-PS50-P Portable Lectern

The above examples can be customised to suit your specific requirements. Custom colours and finishes along with the fitment of audio-visual equipment can be acheived.

Examples of Portable lectern designs that are suitable for use with AV equipment

BGL-PSC75-S Portable Lectern
BGL-PS200-FH Portable Lecterns
BGL-PS200-VH-S Vairable Height Portable Lectern

The examples above have been built to allow for the fitment of various audiovisual equipment such as keypads. Cables voids and allowances for cables to run down to the floor are included.

Custom portable lectern designs

All Blue Gum Joinery lectern designs can be viewed from our lecterns webpage. Although we do have standard designs, all our lecterns can be customized to suit any situation or need you might have.

Our lecterns can be built from any available colour or material. Major supplies we regularily deal with include - Laminex, Formica, Wilsonart and Briggs Veneer.

Please contact us if you would like anymore information at all.

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