B-Series Multimedia Lecterns

The multimedia B-Series lecterns are designed to give a more traditional lectern appearance. The lectern head has been designed with a dropped angled "data panel" where touch screens and control panels can be fitted. The dropped angled panel allows for a more comfortable viewing angle whilst not increasing the overall lectern height. Internal widths are correct for 19inch RU rack stripping.

All our B-Series multimedia lecterns have removable panels, ventilation, cable access and voids with various options such as external shelves and cut-outs available. They also come in either single bay, double bay or triple bay models. The B-Series are made to order allowing us to build your lectern in any colour or finish to suit your decor and room design.

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Standard Features

The following features are standard amongst the whole Multimedia B-Series range.

1. Removable floor panel to allow access to cable pits.

2. Ventilation slots machined into sides for circulation.

3. Ventilation grills built into the top of the lectern.

4. Removable and lockable rear service panel.

5. Adjustable and removable shelves (locking cam shelf rest) and lockable front doors.

6. Keyboard drawer.

Various images displaying the standard features of the B-Series multimedia lecterns

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