C-Series Multimedia Lecterns

The C-series Multimedia lecterns are designed to give a more tapered modern lectern appearance. The lectern head has been designed to be wider and deeper, with the angled "data panel" able to be changed to any angle if required. The "data panel" can also be made any size to suit whatever touch screens or power/data points you plan to use.

Internals of the C-Series have been designed for 19inch rack stripping with the option of cable tie trays fitted behind equipment if required. Ventilation grills have been avoided by designing the lecturn with open slots and shadow lines to allow for air flow.

The C-Series comes in either a single bay, double bay or triple bay model. Select an image below to discover more about a particular C-Series model:

An image of a C-Series multimedia single bay lectern
A picture of a C-Series multimedia double bay lecturn
A photo of a C-Series multimedia triple bay lecturn

Standard Features

The following features are standard amongst the whole Multimedia C-Series range.

1. Removable floor panel to allow access to cable pits.

2. Open design allows for high ventilation.

3. 19inch rack strip.

4. Lockable front and rear doors..

5. Keyboard Drawer.

An image showing the standard features of a C-Series multimedia lecturn

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