Aluminium Lecterns


Our Tutor design aluminium alloy lectern is built using a square 60mm wide tubular leg that is joined using heavy duty connecting fittings. Special care is taken when preparing our aluminium lecterns so that a perfectly clean powder coat painted finish is achieved. Free of machining marks and surface scratches.

This alloy lectern comes packed in a box with the lectern head and feet removable and easily assembled within minutes. Various options available – see below.

Lectern front panel comes standard in black (other colours available as an option) and is made from 16mm thick board - Not a thinner board as used by other manufacturers. The advantage of this extra thickness is durability and the ability to modify panel or screw audio visual components to it.

Image of an aluminum alloy lectern - tutor model

Lectern Models



Tutor silver aluminium lectern.

Tutor black aluminium lectern.

Accessories and Options

Accessory / Option Order Code
One microphone socket BG-1MS The lecterns can be fitted with a microphone socket
Two microphone socket BG-2MS ALuminium lecterns can also be fitted with two mic sockets
One LED light socket BG-LED-S An LED light socket can be included on your lecterns top
4 pin LED light with power supply BG-LED-4 A light source for an aluminium lectern
4 pin LED light with power supply and battery BG-LED-4B An LED light with power supply and battery
Gooseneck Microphone (Condensor)
This is a standard microphone that requires phantom power. Other mid to high range microphones are available.
BG-M A gooseneck mic for the alloy lecterns
Phantom power supply box BG-PP A phantom power supply for powering lectern accessories
Plastic swivel castor wheels
with brakes.
BG-PW Wheels for alloy lecterns
Equipment shelf BG-ES An aluminium equipment shelf
Laptop shelf BG-LTS An alloy laptop shelf for the lectern
Front runner carpet panel
in various colours, velcro friendly.
BG-FR Front runner carpet for lecterns front
Prelude fabric panel
in various colours, velcro friendly.
BG-P Picture of a prelude fabric panel
Imitation veneer panel
Contact Blue Gum Joinery for colour options.
BG-MV An image of the imitation veneer panel
Real veneer panel, polished
sprayed in cleared two pack polyurethane. Contact Blue Gum Joinery for colour options.
BG-RV A real veneer panel on the lecterns front
Control panel option
Contact Blue Gum Joinery for more information and to discuss options.
BG-ALCP Aluminium lecterns can have a control panel installed to the work surface


Overall height: 1113mm
Overall width: 580mm
Overall depth: 450mm

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