BGL-PS200-VH Variable Height Lectern

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BGL-PS200-VH Post style variable height lectern with NO external shelves. Worktop Hinges up to allow access for running cables.


Worktop and lower post section come black as standard. Various colours are available for other panels.


Lectern comes standard with a kickboard base (swivel castor wheels an option).


Variable height Lectern comes standard with electric actuator allowing height adjustment.

The lectern can be modified to suit various touch panels etc.

Lectern comes fully assembled


Popular Options available to order with your BGL-PS200-VH lectern.
BGL-PS200-VH Options and Codes - Present


( BG-M1 & BG-SH ) 

Control Panel cut-out

( BG10 )

LED Light


GPO size Cut-outs

( BG09 )

Swivel wheels 


BGL-PS200-VH Options and Codes - Audienc

Perspex Logo

( BG-P-L )

Cable Grommet

( BG-Cable-G )

The BGL-PS200-VH can be customised to suit your requirements. Contact us to discuss


BGL-PS200-VH Dimensions_Down.jpg

Lowered Position

BGL-PS200-VH Dimensions_Raised.jpg

Raised Position

Over All Dimensions (Lowered):  1100mm (H) x 590mm (W) x 590mm (D)

Over All Dimensions (Lowered):  1500mm (H) x 590mm (W) x 590mm (D)

Board: 16mm E0 MDF melamine board.

Edge:  2mm ABS in matching colour. *Some board 

Weight:  35kg