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L-Series Presenter Table

L-SERIES - BGL-LS-PD-V1 - Adjustable Table - Presenter Vide

Presenters side 

L-SERIES - BGL-LS-PD-V1 - Adjustable Table - Audience Side

Audience Side

L-SERIES - BGL-LS-PD-V1 - Adjustable Table - Presenter Side - Doors OPEN

Presenters side - Doors open

L-SERIES - BGL-LS-PD-V1 - Adjustable Table - Audience Side - Doors Open

Audience side - Sown with Version 1 rack frame

Multimedia L-Series presenter tables are an electronically variable height table designed to comply with Australian wheelchair access standards.

L-Series presenter tables come in two versions:

Version 1 has a slide-out custom rack frame designed so that equipment can be mounted vertical, horizontal or a combination of both. This is achieved by movable rack strip angles and supports. The slide-out frame also assists in equipment and cable access during fit-out and service.

Version 2  has a totally removable custom rack frame which can be populated with equipment off-site if required prior to fitting into the table. The rack frame houses equipment in the traditional horizontal orientation and has a total of 20RU of available rack space.


Australian Made 


L-Series presenter tables are designed by Blue Gum Joinery and totally built using Australian sourced materials. We build the L-Series in our Sydney based workshop which gives us control over customisation and lead times.

Made in Australia
Wheelchair Symbol

Designed to Comply with Australian Standards for Wheelchair Access 


Australian Standards state minimum clearance to be the pink shaded section below- ALL the way to the floor.

Meets DDA Standard - Section
L-Series Wheelchair Clearance Front View

Electronically Variable Height


Infinitely adjustable with three saved positions using quality LINAK actuators:

Sitting Height

Wheelchair Height

Standing Height

L-Series Set Heights
L-SERIES Version 1 - Details - Presenter Side

Removable Top

Can be built from any available board colour

Programmable Lift Switch

LINAK programable height adjustment with LCD screen

Steel Ventilated body

Angled to clear wheelchair as per AUS std

Ventilated and removable doors

Access to the rear of equipment and cable voids.

Linak Height Adjustment Switch

Removable Cable Track

Cable track with 120mm dia bend radius. Easily removable to assist in running cables.

L-SERIES - Cable Track View
Cable Track
L-SERIES Feet Cable Access Details

Cable voids and Access

Cables can be run through the feet or along optional cable tunnel. Removable panels assist in running cables and bolting table to the floor.

Melamine board side panels

Std Colour is Black but can be done in any available board if required. Contact to discuss

L-SERIES Version 1 - Details - Audience Side

Pull-out rack frame

Rack frame is set-up so that equipment can be mounted either vertical or horizontal. Movable rack strips allow flexibility in layout.

L-Series Version 1 - Slide out rack frame

L-SERIES Version 1 Rack frame

Vertical Supports

Besides providing support. These rails can be positioned to allow equipment to be mounted Horizontal in either 19inch or Half rack layout.

5RU movable rack strips

These rack strips are for mounting equipment vertically, allowing for 10 RU of vertical mounting space. They can also be moved left or right via bolts.

Rack Stripping

These rack strips at top and bottom can also be used to mount equipment. The vertical supports are connected to these rack strips via standard cage nuts. 

L-SERIES Version 1 Rack frame side view

L-Series Version 2 - Removable rack frame

L-Series Version 2 Removable 20 RU Rack

Custom Removable Rack Frame

20 RU of horizontal mounting (19inch) frame.


Designed to give extra depth in the higher RU's and able to be fully removed for populating equipment off-site.


Ideal for situations where mounting equipment on the side is not suitable.


Some of the options available to order with your L-Series Presenter Table.

Table box cut-outs

( BG10 )

L-Series - Version1 - Presenter Side - Options and Codes


Control Panel Cut-outs

( BG10 )

GPO size Cut-outs

( BG09 )

( BG-M1 & BG-SH ) 

Monitor Arm

( BG-DMA ) 

Control Panel Wedge

LED Light


( BG-CPW-M )

Perspex Logo

(Customised to your spec)

( BG-P-L ) 

L-Series - Version1 - Audience Side - Options and Codes

Cable Pass Tunnel


L-Series Presenter Table can be customised to suit your requirements. Contact us to discuss your needs

Order Codes and specifications


Version 1

  • Version 1 rack frame with multiple frame adjustments for various equipment layout - verticle or horizontal.

  • Rack frame slides out on full extension runners, allowing for access to equipment.

  • Electronic variable height actuators (240v std 3 pin plug).

  • Removable service panels for equipment access.

  • Removable benchtop - can be any available board colour.

Overall Dimensions:  675-1040mm high  *  1650mm wide  *  785mm deep

Version 1 DDA Standards and Dimensions


Version 2

  • Version 2 rack frame with 20RU of horizontal 19inch rack strip.

  • Rack frame can be totally removed.

  • Electronic variable height actuators (240v std 3 pin plug).

  • Removable service panels for equipment access.

  • Removable benchtop - can be any available board colour.

Overall Dimensions:  675-1040mm high  *  1650mm wide  *  865mm* deep


*785mm deep with rack frame removed.

Version 2 DDA Standards and Dimensions


We can build your L-Series presenter table in any available melamine board colour from all board suppliers.

Our standard pricing is worked out based on melamine board; however, we can build your L-series presenter table in custom finishes such as polyurethane paint or natural veneers.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss colour and finish options.

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