Lecturer Aluminium Lectern

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BGLA-L1B  - Presenters Side

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BGLA-L1B  - Audience Side

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BGLA-L1S  - Presenters Side

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BGLA-L1S  - Audience Side

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BGLA-L2S  - Presenters Side

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BGLA-L2B  - Audience Side

Our Lecturer design Aluminium lectern is built using a 130mm wide oval shape leg that is joined using heavy-duty connecting fittings. The lectern front panel comes standard in black (other colours available as an option) and is made from 16mm thick board - unlike thinner board used by other manufacturers.


The advantage of this extra thickness is durability and the ability to modify the panel or screw audiovisual components to it.

Colour is available in Black or SilverCustom colours available, price on application.


Lectern comes packed in a box with the lectern head and feet removable and easily assembled within minutes.


Box Dimensions: 1100mm * 640mm * 160mm


The Lecturer design is also available in a double bay size: 1000mm wide


Popular Options available to order with your Aluminium Lecturer lectern.
BGLA-L1B - Options and Codes - Lecturer

Mic & XLR Fitting

( BG-M1 & BG-1MS ) 

LED Light & XRL Fitting

( BG-LED-4 & BG-LED-S )

Laptop Shelf

( BG LTS )

Equipment Shelf

( BG-ES )

Swivel wheels 

(BG-PW )

BGLA-L1B - Options and Codes Audience Si

Control Panel Head


Perspex Logo

( BG-P-L )

The Lecturer can be customised to suit your requirements. Contact us to discuss


Lecturer Dimensions.jpg

Over All Dimensions:  1112mm (H) x 580mm (W) x 450mm (D)

Board: 16mm E0 MDF melamine board.

Weight:  30kg