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G-Series Single Bay Lecterns

G-Series Single Bay - Presenter Side
G-Series Single Bay - Audience Side
G-Series - Single Bay - Doors Open
G-Series - Single Bay - Audience Side - Doors Open

The G-Series single-bay lectern is a one door wide lectern with a wide flat worksurface. The angled data panel can house touch screen, power/data points etc.


The audience side of the G-Series single bay lectern has angled perforated aluminium panels that can be powder coated in any available powder coat colour.


G-Series Single Bay lecterns come standard with two adjustable internal shelves, lockable doors and lockable/removable service panel. 


The G-Series single bay internal width is large enough to house AV rack frames. Rack stripping can also be supplied as an option.


Databoard height is fixed so there are some limits to the size of the touch panel that is to be fitted.  Contact Blue Gum Joinery to discuss sizing.

G-Series single bay lecterns come fully assembled.


Popular Options available to order with your G-Series Single bay lectern.

G-Series Single Bay - Options and Codes


( BG-M1 & BG-SH ) 

Control Panel Cut-outs

( BG10 )

GPO size Cut-outs

( BG09 )

LED Light


Keyboard Drawer

( BG-D )



Door Cut-outs

( BG08-D )

Swivel castor wheel base

(BG-HDW4 )

G-Series Single Bay - Options and Codes

Monitor Pole

( BG-SP-AA-B ) 

Cable pass grommet

( BG-Cable-G )

Perspex Logo

(Customised to your spec)

( BG-P-L ) 

Blue Gum Joinery Aluminium Rack Frames

Blue Gum Joinery - Slim Rack

G-Series Lecterns can be fully customised to suit your requirements. Contact us to discuss your needs

Order Codes and specifications


G-Series Single bay

  • Internal height (without optional keyboard drawer):  744mm  (16ru)

  • Internal height (With optional keyboard drawer):  664mm (14ru)

  • Internal width:  592mm

  • Internal depth:  658mm

  • Worksurface height (to lowest edge):  870m

Overall Dimensions:  1070mm high  *  1275mm wide  *  730mm deep

G-Series Single Bay Dimensions


We can build your G-Series single-bay lectern in any available melamine board colour from all board suppliers.

Our standard pricing is worked out based on melamine board; however, we can build your G-series lectern in custom finishes such as polyurethane paint or natural veneers.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss colour and finish options.

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