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Lecterns and AV Joinery Solutions

Standard Designs or Fully Customisable to Suit Your Needs

Standard and Post Style Lectern Range

Standard & Post Style Lecterns

Standard and Post Style Lecterns
Multimedia Lectern Range

Multimedia Lecterns

Multimedia Lecterns
Aluminium Lectern Range

Aluminium Lecterns

Aluminium Lecterns
Equipment Cabinet Range

Equipment Cabinets

Equipment Cabinets
Multimedia Table Range

Multimedia Tables

Multimedia Tables
19inch Aluminium Rack Frames

19inch Aluminium Rack Frames

Rack Frames


Made in Australia

Blue Gum Joinery Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company that specialises in the design and manufacture of high-quality lecterns, multimedia tables,  equipment cabinets and 19-inch rack frames specifically designed for audiovisual equipment.


Our 30 years plus experience of working with various audiovisual companies and leading educational and corporate institutions has allowed us to develop an innovative range of lecterns, equipment cabinets and rack frames. 

Blue Gum Joinery invests in the latest computer-controlled machinery and designing software so that our lectern and equipment cabinet joinery is second to none. Our clients can visualise their lectern or cabinet design before construction, eliminating any possible errors before delivery.


Our lecterns, equipment cabinets and 19-inch rack frame designs are functional and practical and can be modified to suit your needs and the needs of the equipment to be housed within. 


All lecterns, cabinets and rack frames are made to order in our Sydney based workshop where we ship all over Australia and the world. 


We invite you to browse through our website.



Blue Gum Joinery Pty Ltd

Unit 1, 591 Woodstock Avenue,

Glendenning, NSW, Australia. 2761

Ph: 02 9625 3309

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